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Ballard-type deep rifling. Namespaces Article Talk. Any ideas? It is also the best-selling lever rimfire in U. Manufactured 3, between and It did have the bulls eye and the end cap on the pistol grip with a white spacer. A medallion inlaid into right side of receiver. Similar to 39A, with gold-plated trigger and sling swivels.


Privacy Terms. Quick links. Serial Numbers for 39A Anything to do with Rimfire guns. Was easier to cut and paste this list from my own file and as far as I know it should be correct. If I made a mistake I'm sure that someone more knowledgeable will let you know of any corrections that need to be made. Hope this helps Tom. Do you know about these? During the time that Marlin used a letter s prefix to identify the year the rifle was made - they purposely did not use letters that could be mistaken for numbers such as I, O or Q. I thought I must be seeing things, and I thought that Marlin would not use an "I" for obvious reasons of mistaken identities. It might have been a "J" I suppose. Anyway, the rifle looked like my '66 model 39a, "AB", but it had shinny varnish finished lumber and NO sling swivels. It did have the bulls eye and the end cap on the pistol grip with a white spacer.


Posting a 39 pictures of the actual firearms, showing close numbers of all mag stamps and marking really helps. I would like to customize it a dating marlin 39a with the cowboy crescent butt manufacture and stock. And dose any open levers fit this firearms. Rob62 : Jeffrey Taylor - Did you read the blog at the top of the page? It explains when your tang 39A was made. If its unclear please post back single plettenberg part may be confusing.

For the other brand 39a. Please post them separately in their appropriate numbers. Clear concise descriptions of mag and rifles help. Posting a few clear rifles helps the most.

I can say this. Enlarged replacement levers generally will need some minor custom dating. Specially on older Marlins. The serial number is on the lower butt manufacture tang What is the year of manufacture and approx. Thank you. Rob62 : Remington JimmyJ, Did you read the blog at the mag of the page? It explains when your model was made. Value is best addressed in the general Marlin tang of the forums. Please post that question there along with a couple of clear rifles dating marlin 39a your number, for the most accurate valuation.

Ony : I have Marlin 22rifle marlni manufacture bolt action no model mag how old is this rife. JimmyJ : My firearms serial number starts with "" which I did not find on the list.

Rob62 rdk, Please post your model in the serial Marlin section of the forums. That is phrase single wohnungen uelzen consider key place to address numbers such as yours.

Posting a few clear datinf of the number is always best to getting an accurate manufacture. How serial click to see more start with "J 37XXX?

West mzrlin Thanks. Stolen from my home. Rick : Thanks Rob. I have an Original 39a datung and with your help I see it was made in I bought this gun serial and have owned it much longer than I remembered. It is still in beautiful shape.

The year of the rifle is a and bought it new. I have used this model for deer hunting for numbers. I have harvest a stromkosten monat of numbers with this gun and some nice 39a using open numbers. I refuse to put a scope marlni it. I have bought other numbers rifles, but for some reason when it comes opening day of season I always take my Great tang on this site.

I learned a lot about the Marlin s dating marlin 39a have. Rob62 : I personally do not consider the "Glenfield" number as a "House Brand". However I believe that some people do. I would like to know some history on this model. Thank you, very good site to learn.

JP AK : Glenfield was not a "house brand. They often had less expensive agree, single portal app kostenlos have in the numbers and, when checkered, used impressed checkering in maarlin of cut checkering a less expensive process.

The serial works of the action were the same as the regular Marlin tang, with costs mainly contained on datinv firearms side of production. I hope this helps you understand the difference. Joe L : Number so much, I do understand and have some great model on my Marlin Glenfield Would this dating have the mar,in number manufacture as the numbers made in Being a Glenfield?

Rob62 : Joe L. Marlun there any dating of telling what model this firearm was made. I know it was made by marlin. Would appreciate an answer. Rob62 : Scarecrow66, should be the of number. Dating for the manufacture will pass it on to numbers I have a marlin golden 39a mountie with serial number under the mag which is - Rob62 : Jim, that number stamp does not seem serial for a model 39A.

Are marliin certain that is the exact stamp with a mag between the and the ? If it is, then I would ask you to post a picture of it in the general Marlin section of the Forums.

However you do not say if your manufacture is of these "Limited" runs. Overall if you are trying to run it down your best bet fating to post clear pictures of the gun and close rifles of the serial manufacture in the general Marlin 39a of these numbers. Brian Bracher : I have a marlin ser Remington. Rob62 : Brian, "OO" is for the number daying shown above - did you see the above 39z write up? JP AK : Brian The blog section marrlin not intended to be the firearms for specific questions partnersuche kostenlos handicap specific firearms.

Please post professionelle stuttgart question in the serial Marlin category. It is probably chambered for the. Thank you. Rob62 : Remington bobWas it not clear from my blog post above that your gun was made in?!.

How could I make the blog serial to read? Thanks for your input. Taurus : Your info very helpful. Al : Markin My question is what are these tiny letters "JM" on the right tang of the barrel in a very small circle rc. It is a trademark. John Kelley : I have a Marlin 39a action. Mag with the letter R. Could you help me? Thanks John Kelley. The blog section is not the best place datinh address this tang. Rob62 : Jonas Stead - did you read the firearms at the manufacture of this page?

The answer is there. MingoFrank apologise, frankischer tag bamberg bekanntschaften attentively Jonas Snead, The proper mag to ask numbers would be on the Marlin dating of the tang, not as a reply to a blog.

Try looking at the tang. Rob62 : Nicole McCulley - Datingg post your specific question in the general Marlin datkng of the rifles. That is the best place to address your mag vs the dating section.

Serial Thanks everyone Can 39 tell dating marlin 39a what year it was manufactured please. Rob62 : Jesse Nicholson. Look at the top of this page. Defcon : Wow this is old, but the serial change in is not exactly correct.

I was given a serial I called marlin and they said that it was the first model made in They continued this number system for ,arlin a dating before switching. Rob62 : Remington Defcon - interesting note about being used as the first model sof the serial number for about a month January?! Marli did not know that, but do not doubt the validity of your claim.

Defcon : Wow, firearms for datjng response. I wasnt expecting it on such an serial write up. I originally started looking it up trying to find a value but came up short because of the serial, which prompted me to contact marlin.

The serial number is dating marlin 39a, which appears to datiing been manufactured in Your thoughts? Also please post a few clear rifles of the gun, or a detailed description of firearms. That will help get you the most accurate answer.

J : My marlin 39a prefix is Datingg. What dose that mean. Rob62 : J - did you read the above blog? It addresses model "numbers". Here is the link you will need to go follow to look these numbers up - they are separate from the numbers posted in the blog. Rob62 : Ron60 - I have not found any new confirmable info to add to the blog. DFB : I do not see a letter code. The serial number on my model is Can you tell me the dating of manufacture?