did regina hall dating sanaa lathan

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Who Is Regina Hall's Husband? Know About Her Relationships and Dating History

When was Regina Hall born? Terms of Use. About Privacy Policy. She has been engaged to Steve Rifkind — Ask Login. Dating Trending Random More. Which is greater 0. Asked By Agustina Macejkovic. From , she voiced Donna Tubbs in The Cleveland Show and has voiced her in all concurrent and subsequent Family Guy appearances.


No they did not date, their not even gay. Regina stayed with Sanaa for a while, while her house was being remodeled. They are just really good friends! No they are not sisters. They have worked in a few films together. Sanaa's parents are Stan Lathan hollywood producer and her mother is a dancer out of New York. Hall's parents are neither of Sanaa's. The two are very close and they do have a resemblance to one another but they are not sisters. Regina Hall is an American film and television actress. Regina Hall is known for her roles in the Scary Movies franchise. There is no indication that Regina Hall has any children. She does however have an impressive movie and television career, and she is also a writer. US actress Regina Hall is 47 years old birthdate: December 12, See the link below for information on Ms. Hall's career.


It should come as no surprise that Hall has a sweet tooth. Offscreen, Hall is besties with fellow actress Sanaa Lathan for more than 20 years. And although Lathan has denied the incident ever happened, Hall believes the story and subsequent headlines have been blown out of proportion. But I thought this web page was funny. When your real life bestie sanaalathan shows up and dkd out mann sucht eine frau the pink carpet.

Aside from being a loyal friend, Hall recently returned from Austin, Texas, where she shot Support The Girls, out in select theaters today. In her latest role as Lisa, Hall portrays an ultra supportive daying manager turned den mother to women working at a Hooters-style restaurant named Double Whammies.

She ran through the lines with me and also latan little girl talk banter in between scenes. Press Day Phoners supportthegirls august Hall said the film also delves deeply into what happens when women have to protect themselves on a daily basis thanks to the sexual-tinged microaggressions.

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