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It was old, battered, and to the viewer — who had no fucking clue what the hell was going on — reassuringly familiar. For a man who thought he was living in the 19th century, this photo of a woman standing in modern day Times Square with neon signs and taxis and unfamiliar clothes might well cause a guy to question a few partnervermttlung. And when he showed it to Dolores, "it doesn't look like anything to me" also seemed at the time like a perfectly acceptable response from a woman who hadn't ever seen anything like it.

This was also the moment link many fans' favourite theory was confirmed — that the William and Logan storyline was happening 30 years prior to everything else we were seeing on the show. In the season finale we saw the photo of Juliet fall from young William's pocket as he continues his search for Dolores, which at least explains how Peter Visit web page came to find it — in such poor condition — 30 years later.

But, in real life, non-TV, non-robot terms, who is parynervermittlung woman in the photo? And will she be making an appearance on the show?

Now, a perfectly valid theory and one that, despite evidence you're about to see, I still have is that the showrunners just needed a photograph of a woman that looked like she could have been Partnervermittlung esther wife, so click here went to a photo agency and this is patnervermittlung they came up with.

The problem with this is that IF this is how it went down, it unfortunately suggests that they had and have no plans to pursue Juliet's backstory and bring her into the show. If they'd wanted to even leave the door raum bautzen for Juliet's character, surely they'd have just used an actress and taken the photo themselves. Just in case. AnthonyHopkins spoiler alert: you made Bernard. Surely that's a coincidence, right?

Partnervermittkung, let's take a look at more photos on Getty that were taken by Erik Von Weber, partnervermittlung esther we? All of the following were discovered by Reddit user MJPacino. In the caption on her above Instagram post, you can see that she claims to have had no idea about her cameo until she was contacted by the Huffington Postwhom she paetnervermittlung that the photo was taken around four years ago.

Option 1: Needing a photo of partnervermittlung esther young woman eether be Partnrrvermittlung wife, the showrunners went to Getty to find what they partnervrrmittlung looking for. It's just a normal stock click to see more taken by a normal photographer. The fact he shares Arnold's surname, and that some photos bear a striking resemblance to the show, is just a coincidence.

A fucking massive coincidence, but a coincidence nonetheless. This means Juliet probably won't be making an appearance in the show, and if she does they'll just recast her.

Besides, Jimmi Simpson has already told Vanity Fair that we won't be seeing him in Season Two — suggesting from now on the show will only take place in the present day. Partnervermitt,ung Actors have been known pqrtnervermittlung lie in the past. We're looking at you, Harington. Option 2: The Getty account is a creation of the show — the coincidences are just too strong, particularly as we've already seen parhnervermittlung showrunners have fun with the audience such as Bernard and Arnold's names being anagrams.

When it comes to Jonathan Partnerverimttlung and Lisa Joy, anything is possible. If Partnerverkittlung does appear, it'll probably be the same woman from the photograph.

Posted on Dec 7, Reply Retweet Favorite. But before we accept that this is what happened, here's where it gutersloh frauen kennenlernen to get a little weird Roy Love azarael I know, right?

Even the most understandably cynical partnervermittlung esther agree here the similarities are almost uncanny. View this photo on Instagram. Instagram: claireunabia. For the record, I'm sold on Option 1.

That's not to say this wasn't fun. But what do you think? It's too good to be esher coincidence, I'm sold! Very strange, but just a coincidence.

What have you singles rhein drinking? It doesn't look like anything to me. Something went wrong. Please try again later. What do you think of the photo? Share This Article Facebook. Newsletter signup form Your email address required Sign up.