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It is the administrative center of the surrounding district Link of Schweinfurt and a major industrial, cultural and educational hub.

Following German Reunification inSchweinfurt has partnerzuche an important traffic hub in the center of Germany. Inthe oldest permanently existing natural-scientific academy in the world was founded in Schweinfurt, the German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina. Traces of settlement as early as years ago can be partnersuxhe on today's urban area at various places.

The confiscated royal goods formed mit kind hof single feldberger core of the new bishopric of Bamberg. Hezilo, however, retained his possessions around the castle hill Peterstirn. In partnershche struggle for supremacy in Main Franconia region around the River Main between the Henneberger and the Bishop of Würzburgthe city was destroyed between and First City Spoilage.

However, it is controversial whether this destruction was still schweinfurt partnersuche the old settlement between Höllenbach and Marienbach and thus a reason for the schwdinfurt of the city on the partnersucye west, today's site was or whether the destruction took place here already. Swinforde, que olim imperii civitas fuerat. It remains unclear partnesuche rights have ever been withdrawn from the city or whether only reference is made to the city's destruction.

However, this letter is the first documentary evidence of Schweinfurt as imperial city and thus as a place with city rights. As a result, numerous royal privileges strengthened partnersuhe municipality in legal and economic terms. The patron of the city, Count Wilhelm von Henneberg, did not offer sufficient support.

The reconstruction dragged on until The imperial city territory was schwdinfurt also still around Madenhausen, [8] which also belongs to Üchtelhausen today. As a result of the city of Schweinfurt on the knight canton of Baunach a nearly continuous Protestant corridor was created by the Hochstifte Würzburg and Bamberg in the Protestant Duchy of Saxony.

In the Scjweinfurt Years' War it was occupied by Gustavus Adolphuswho erected fortifications, the remains pargnersuche which are still extant. Schweinfurt remained a free imperial city untilwhen it passed to the Electorate of Paetnersuche. Assigned to the grand duke of Würzburg init was granted to the Schweinfurt partnersuche of Bavaria four years later.

In the following years Schweinfurt became schweinfurt partnersuche world leading centre for the production of ball bearings. The year marked the beginning of the industrialization of the city, with its year-old industrial history. According to Click the following article. Ferdinand Gademannit was the oldest German lead white factory.

Further factory-similar plants of this kind originated at the Bellevue and in the neighboring suburb Niederwerrn. Following the ReichsdeputationshauptschlussSchweinfurt came to Bavaria inschweinfurt partnersuche years before the Kingdom of Bavaria was founded.

The villages belonging to the imperial city territory were spun off. As a result, Schweinfurt lost about two thirds of its territory. With the construction of the line schweinnfurt Bad Kissingen and the Schweinfurt—Meiningen railway Schweinfurt became a schwinfurt junction. Schweinfurt tram near the Schweinfurt Hauptbahnhof central station. Unlike many other cities, the s were one of the most important epochs of urban development in Schweinfurt. The number of employees of kostenlos singles coesfeld metalworking companies rose to 20, by InSchweinfurt produced most of Nazi Germany 's ball bearingsand factories such schweinfurt partnersuche the Schweinfurter Kugellagerwerke became a target of Allied strategic bombing during World Scnweinfurt II to cripple tank and aircraft production.

Schweinfurt was bombed 22 times during Operation Pointblank schweinfurt partnersuche a total of 2, aircraft. Efforts to disperse the surviving machinery began immediately and the Luftwaffe deployed large numbers of interceptors along the corridor to Schweinfurt. Although losses of production bearings and machinery were high and much of the industrial and schweinfurf areas of the town were destroyed, killing more than a thousand civilians, the factories were restored to production and the industry dispersed.

Although German planners initially thought it essential to purchase the entire output of the Swedish ball-bearing industry, losses in the production of bearings were actually made up from surpluses found within Germany in the aftermath of the first raid.

After the war Schweinfurt became a stronghold of the U. Thus Schweinfurt recovered relatively quickly from its third period of destruction. The U. In the course of time, untilthey were expanded into large barracks with many hangars, administration buildings, a large event hall, church and sports facilities. From the s to the late s, a civilian infrastructure similar to that partnrsuche a small American town was schweinfurt partnersuche built in the northwest of Schweinfurt. As a result of the closure of many other German U.

Schweinfurt formerly hosted the U. Army Garrison Schweinfurt, which the U. Army partnefsuche on 19 September due to an ongoing effort to concentrate the U. Like many other West German cities and communities, Schweinfurt also experienced an unprecedented economic miracle in the s and s, and large-scale industry boomed. To counteract the labor shortage, schweinfurt partnersuche workers were recruited from onwards.

Single wittenburg of the postwar construction projects were realized under the aegis of Mayor Georg Wichtermann SPD,in the city governed by the SPD by an absolute majority. Numerous new residential districts were created. After successful partnersuhce and the boom link, the time of Mayor Kurt Petzold SPD, svhweinfurt was marked by consolidation, but also by the oil here and recessions, with job cuts in the local large-scale industry.

Inthe large Leopoldina Hospital was opened. Trade pargnersuche revenue rose to a record high. Https:// the Grieser era, the town's new motto, Industry and Artwas developed.

A large number of projects, in cooperation schweinfurt partnersuche the construction officer Jochen Müller SPD gave the town a new face, set new, schweonfurt recognized symbols in architecture and were honored with numerous architecture partndrsuche. The era of Grieser remains to this partersuche shaping the town, like no other epoch after the reconstruction and it schweinfurt partnersuche the town's image lasting positive. InGerman and American veterans and partnersucje of the bombing raids came together to erect schweinfurt partnersuche achweinfurt memorial to the fallen.

Trade tax receipts continued to rise and the town was able to save reserves. These are currently being used for the mammoth U. The town is located in a climatically contrasting region, between the summer hot Mainfränkischen Plates in the south schweibfurt the low mountain range in the north, with international winter just click for source in Oberhof. River Main with old mills rightold town and the old fishing district Fischerrain left.

Schweinfurt itself is also a town of great contrasts, in terms of topography, use and population structure. The bourgeois east lies on the foothills of the Schweinfurter Rhön schweinfurt partnersuche, is intersected by valleys with streams, with the above the Marienbach located visit web page town and numerous detached houses, on the edge with vineyards and the town forest.

The west, with the town center, main station and former working-class neighborhoods, has a high proportion of migrants. The almost uninhabited south is the largest contiguous industrial area in Bavaria.

As a result of the fall schweinfurt partnersuche the Partnersuchr Curtainthe economic and geographical situation of Schweinfurt changed fundamentally. Berlin and Munich are about three quarters of an hour click at this page from Schweinfurt than from Frankfurt. Large parts of today's district, right up to the edge of the old town, are located on former vineyards.

Goethe appreciated the Schweinfurt wine and had large quantities delivered. Today, with only 3. Due to the almost complete interruption of winegrowing, the vineyards were spared the major land consolidation of the s, during which the historical structures were mostly destroyed.

The small wine-cultural landscape at Peterstirn Shweinfurt remained intact. Schweinfurt partnersuche is a family-owned nienburg single manner on Peterstirn, where a wine festival takes place twice a year.

InSchweinfurt had about 49, inhabitants. Bythe population rose to 56, mainly due to the influx of late repatriates. Not included in the population statistics are members of the U. Army Garrison Schweinfurt visit web page in and near the city between and with their families. These were at times over 12, people. The urban agglomeration is in the case of Just click for source a better size to the population of other cities.

Init clickschweincurt, fell partnersuchhe 96, inhabitants Census 9. The pigment Schweinfurt Green is schewinfurt here. SRAM Corporation hosts the world's largest development center of the bicycle industry in Schweinfurt.

According to a recent study by the Swiss Institute of Economic Research forecasters Schweinfurt is one of the fastest growing cities in Germany. The study confirmed the city, among other things, the please click for source concentration of jobs in Germany with particularly high Beschäftigungsanteil employment share in schweinfurt partnersuche German high-tech sector. The Contor study, which was commissioned by the Manager Magazineranked Schweinfurt as one of the most dynamic cities in Europe in terms schweimfurt development opportunities.

From rank 63 inthe city significantly improved to rank 16 in The marketplace has a large Friedrich Rückert monument in the centre, around which weekly markets and many city festivals are held.

Stadtgalerie Schweinfurta m long shopping mall, was built The region is also a microcosm with different landscapes and contrasting climate in a small space, accessible click here a day trip. Oberhof Skiarena with worldcups in Nordic disciplines. Vendetta are a thrash metal group from Schweinfurt, founded in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the district, see Schweinfurt district. Place in Bavaria, Germany.

Coat of arms. Location of Schweinfurt. Imperial City of Schweinfurt in Topographia Franconiae Main article: U. Army Garrison Schweinfurt. Schweinfurt is situated in the middle of the catchment area of the River Main