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List of aviators who became ace in a day - Wikipedia

Current members Richard Sjunnesson — scream vocals —present Jonathan Thorpenberg - clean vocals, lead guitar —present [27] Roger Sjunnesson — rhythm guitar, keyboards —present Richard Schill — drums —present Former members John Bengtsson — drums — Roland Johansson — lead guitar, clean vocals — [27] Henric Liljesand — bass — On 7 May , they shot down five German planes in a single sortie over Arras. The artwork was done by Kuang Hong. Categories : Lists of military personnel Flying aces. Combat Aircraft Wikipedia list article. Alleinerziehende Singles: Babysitter.


The term " ace in a day " is used to designate a pilot who has shot down five or more airplanes in a single day, [1] based on usual definition of an " ace " as one with five or more aerial victories. On 7 May , they shot down five German planes in a single sortie over Arras. Two days later, on 9 May, they were credited with another five enemy machines in the course of two sorties. Atkey and Gass survived the Great War. Atkey credited with a total of 38 victories, making him the most successful two-seater pilot and Gass with 39 claims was most successful observer ace of all time. Bernert scored five victories within 20 minutes on 24 April He had a total of 27 kills during the war, even though he wore glasses and had his left arm amputated at the elbow. To achieve this a pilot must have destroyed 15 enemy aircraft in a single day. This has been achieved by only five pilots, all from the Luftwaffe: [13]. To achieve this a pilot must have destroyed ten enemy aircraft in a single day. This has been achieved by twelve pilots, three of whom repeated their achievement a second time within weeks. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Aviators who became ace in a day. Wikipedia list article.


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