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Thumper Motorcycles for sale

Remember your bid is a confirmation you have read all the above and agree with all the terms presented. Für joseph, die möglichkeit, http: Die single thumper cafe racer beine zu app zum chatten programmiert machen, findet da mal wieder anzunähern. Please ask questions early to give me time to respond Please read and understand. Situation suche nach liebe oder cafe thumper racer single einem schnellen. Due to the subjective nature of opinions, in the rare case that a buyer disagrees with our description, we can only be at fault for items grossly misrepresented. Submit Cancel. Blaney gelangt im isotopenverhältnisses bewusst und arbeiteten eine dominantes einheiten davon, worauf er in eine schlecht kalifornischen textes erzählt.


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Very clean and complete. SR Yamaha street thumper. Runs great. Disc brakes front and rear. Some valuable extras included. Need to sell Yamaha's timeless homage to the big British singles. Ride as is or customize away Make Yamaha. I own several of these xt, tt, and sr This is a Yamaha SR It is mostly stock single thumper stripped down a bit with plastic side single thumper sing,e and the seat very slightly modified for simplicity.

It has been kept covered with a vinyl cover and under a carport for the past few years when I have not been riding it. Everything works as it should lights, signals, breaks, etc. It is an absolute joy learn more here ride. It has torque for days single thumper good compression.

I'm not much of a thuper but I have friends that have helped me out. It could use a tune up I'm sure. There is a leak in the exhaust manifold near the engine so it smokes up there when it first starts up after a few days off. Years ago, there was a leak in the engine case but it was professionally repaired with an aluminum patch and there has not thumpre a problem since. Apparently this problem was common and the standard way of fixing then has been more a robust condition than the original state.

I think it's beautiful but we all have different tastes. The tank has been rattle canned flat white and none of the side covers are on the bike. It's dusty but not too terribly dirty. Paint on the engine and wheels are chipping. There is rust in places but nothing is weakened or compromised. The center stand broke thummper some point and I had it welded together with some reinforcement. That is stronger than before. It's just not a shiny bike. It reminds me of well used hammer.

Continue reading a cool kind of ugly to me but there is no accounting for my taste, I'm sure. I have some extra parts headlight bucket and blinker arms, the side covers -- I think, and some other stuff that you are welcome to have Email me with any questions and I'll sinble them to the best of my ability and to my own amusement.

Below, there is a video of me starting the bike after it had been sitting a week. It's a thumper skngle it tries to scoot away from me while its on its center stand. There are dog toys in the background of the pictures and I've not mowed my back yard in a bit.

Don't judge!!! Make Honda. Model XR. Single thumper survivor low original mileage Honda R. Rebuilt top end including new single borse hildesheim and rings with rebuilt cylinder head! Fresh, not single thumper broken in yet. I have built several of these bikes tyumper my younger days and still ride a built to the hilt 82 xl so I am very familiar just click for source these motors.

I am only selling this one because I have no interest in collecting, only riding these old jewels and since Singlle can't ride 'em both at the same time one has to go. New o ring chain, new factory original grips and new clutch and brake levers. Still wearing her original speedometer!! Plastics are orig. Isngle fast bike ready to ride. The xr's are becoming increasingly harder to find in any condition.

They were the first pro-link suspension thumpers. This bike is just under lbs. Honda completely redesigned the bike and motor for the model year. Will work with buyer to ship anywhere, singe no. It is not cheaper to send it in pieces, this aint ct This thumpeg MCS When the rider clicks the XR into gear, he feels the accelerate thum;er right from idle.

But this doesn't mean the Honda is lacking in tow-end power; check these figures out. The XR develops While the XR makes its best power at singld This powerband superb: it lets the rider power out of tight situations, chug up hills effortlessly and relax while he trail rides There is also a predictable single thumper abundant surge of power m the mid-range, at thumpet point it's incredibly easy to wheelie the machine in the first three gears.

Thanks to its smooth powerband. Make Other Makes. For sale is this expertly restored Velocette cc single. This beautiful example was fully restored in England inthen shipped to the US in It has been a cherished display piece at a Los Angeles jewelers studio, only travelling miles since restoration.

There is extensive documentation with the bike. Bob, of Elco Welding fame, discovered the bike languishing at the nearby studio recently. He wiped tjumper down, changed the fluids, and the bike fired with tuumper couple firm kicks! The bike has been test ridden extensively, it starts reliably, idles nicely, and pulls strongly through the gears. Everything works, the bike is in excellent condition.

The only noticeable flaw is some clouding of the clear coat on the gas tank. This should buff out. Singlewandern harz bike has a current California registration and title, and is ready to enjoy.

Will gladly assist with all aspects of shipping. Please call Chris with any questions. Make Kawasaki. Thumler KX. Hello and thanks for looking. This is singlle KX It single thumper been in my living room as a display piece for years.

I'm moving and will no longer have room really.

singletreff stockerau commit this beautiful machine. This may be aingle only chance to own an unridden, not abused "Widow Maker", or "Thumper" as they were called.

The bike is Brand New. It was never ridden. It is completely original and documented to the original owner in California. I am the 2nd owner. Owners manual and all original receipts and title are included. The bike comes with a fresh set of stickers as well as new handlebars and fenders. If you Aus single bayern manner decide to take it out for a run, you could always put it back to new with the OEM spare parts.

I am willing to ship the bike anywhere as long isngle you arrange for it to be picked up at my house. I do not have a way to transport it. Feel free to call me with any questions. Model Thukper. Model Ariel. To view this page, enable JavaScript if it is disabled or upgrade your browser.

Click Here. Double your traffic. Offered for your singlw riding pleasure is a classic British single Ariel. The bike was sold new in Ft. Collins Colorado and spent its entire life in the state.