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It is located in the district of Siegen-Wittgenstein in the Arnsberg region. The university town nearly students in the — winter semester is the district seat, and is ranked as saarland single wandern im "higher centre" in xinglepartys South Westphalian urban agglomeration.

The singlepartys siegen of Siegen lies in the basin of the upper reaches of the river Sieg. From there, lateral valleys branch off in many directions.

The heights of the surrounding mountains, wherever they are not actually settled, are covered in coppice. To the north lies the Singllepartysto the northwest the Rothaargebirge and to the southwest the Westerwald.

The city lies on the German-Dutch holiday road called the Orange Routejoining towns, cities and regions associated with the House of Orange. The city area is divided into six zones, called Bezirke in German and comparable to boroughs in some cities, which themselves are further divided into various communities Ortsteile and Stadtteile.

Each "borough" has a borough board consisting of 15 voting and 15 non-voting members who are eiegen by city council with regard to each party's share of the vote in the municipal elections in the borough in question. The borough boards decide on matters particular click here their respective boroughs. These matters are laid down in Siegen's city charter. Along with the boroughs and communities into which the city is divided, as mandated by law, there are also further subdivisions within the communities, each with its own name, but none with distinctly clear borders.

They are called Quartierewhich can be rendered as "quarters" or "neighbourhoods". Some suegen even straddle community boundaries, like Sieghütte, parts of which can be found in both Siegen-Mitte and Weidenau. Moreover, some neighbourhoods even overlap each other. Unlike the boroughs Bezirke or communities Ortsteile and Stadtteilethe Quartiere have no statistical or administrative importance. They do, however, serve some function as to their inhabitants' identity, but more practically than that, they are also useful for finding one's way with a city map and using in bus route sieegen and on public notices and traffic signs.

The communities of Eiserfeld, Eisern, Gosenbach, Niederschelden and Oberschelden formed the slnglepartys of Simglepartys between those same two dates. The city of Siegen borders in the north on the town of Kreuztal and the community of Singlepartys siegenin the east on the town of Netphenin the southeast on the community of Wilnsdorfin the south on the community of Neunkirchenin the west on the community of Mudersbach Altenkirchen in Rhineland-Palatinate and in the northwest on the town of Freudenberg.

The name Siegen comes from the possibly Celtic river name Sieg. It is, however, unclear whether there is any relation between this name and the Https:// Germanic Sicambri Ger.

Sugambrer people, who in pre-Christian times lived in singlpartys of North Rhine-Westphalia. The first documentary mention of the place called Sigena dates from Bearing witness to this longtime industry are the many mines that can be found within city siegn.

InSiegen is mentioned as a newly built town singleborse fur den norden ownership was shared by the Count of NassauHeinrich the Rich, and Engelbert II of BergArchbishop of Cologne after the latter transferred one half of the ownership to the former. Moreover, there is proof that the Oberes Schloss "upper stately home" was already standing at this time.

On 19 Octoberthe town was granted Soester Stadtrechtor Soest town rights. The town remained under the two overlords' joint ownership until 1 Februaryonly then passing fully into Nassau hands. In the 16th century, the town of Siegen bore a formidable defensive look. It was surrounded by mighty walls with 16 towers and three town gates, and was home to a great castle. The town was stricken several times by townwide fires.

Documents record such fires inand from 10 to 20 April Inin the buildings that had once housed a Franciscan MonasteryHeinrich the Rich built a "paedagogium", out of which later grew today's Gymnasium at Siegen's Löhrtor gate. John Maurice's leadership served in — to bring about a split in the Siegerland along denominational lines. Under Wilhelm Hyacinth of Nassau-Siegen, violence broke out between the two singlepartys siegen groups.

When singlepartyw 29 March townsman Friedrich Flender was killed, Wilhelm Hyacinth was himself unseated and furthermore driven out of the frau mann frankfurt. Wilhelm Hyacinth was the last in the line of Nassau-Siegen's Catholic rulers, dying in Under their leadership, mining, sieven main source of wealth, blossomed, along with agriculture and silviculture.

When Prince William of Orange refused to singlepartys siegen the Confederation of the Rhinefounded by Napoleonhe found himself unseated by the French leader and the Siegerland passed to the Sifgen Duchy of Berg.

After Napoleon's downfall inhowever, William I regained his former German inheritances, but in he ceded them to the Kingdom of Prussia for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Siegen was assigned to the Siegen districtfirst in the Koblenz regionand as of in the Arnsberg region within the Prussian Province of Westphalia. Under Prussian rule, Siegen developed into the South Westphalian centre that it is today.

On 1 MarchSiegen was set apart from the district bearing its name, and became a district-free townwhile still keeping its function as seat of the district of which it was no longer part, and which was siegsn merged with Wittgenstein district under district reform in Siegen also lost bekanntschaften kreis soest district-free status singlelartys this time, becoming part of the new Siegen-Wittgenstein district, the name that the district has borne singleaprtys During World War II, Siegen was repeatedly bombed by the Allies owing to a crucial railroad that crossed through the town.

On 1 Aprilthe US 8th Infantry Division began the Allied ground assault against Siegen and the dominating military-significant high ground north of the snglepartys.

The battle against determined German sihglepartys at Siegen continued through 2 Apriluntil organized resistance was finally overwhelmed by the division on 3 April The town of Siegen belonged in the beginning to the Archbishopric of Mainzor more precisely to its deaconry of Arfeld.

There was a White Nun singlepartys siegen in town that folded in the sinlepartys century. Furthermore, there was a Franciscan Monastery that was dissolved in after the Sieben overlords had introduced the Reformation in After that, the town was first Lutheranbut inthe Principality of Nassau converted to the Reformed Church.

Ennstal partnersuche, Siegen was a predominantly Protestant town, but not singlepartys siegen strongly that the Counterreformation could not gain ground inwith one fifth of the townsfolk and those living in the singleparys area becoming Catholic once again.

As ofthere was once more a monastery in town, this time a Jesuit one. After passing to Prussia inthe union between Lutheran and Reformed churches was introduced in Siegen, as it was throughout Prussia, but the town's parishes kept their Reformed emphasis. A similar entity still exists in Siegen, known as the Kirchenkreis seigen, or church district, to which all the city's parishes nowadays belong, unless they winglepartys Free Church parishes.

This church district encompasses the whole of South Westphalia all the way to Olpe. The town's Catholics, even after the Reformation, still belonged singleparfys the Archbishopric of Mainz. With the restructuring of the Catholic Church early in the 19th century, Siegen was assigned to the Article source of Paderborn and became siegfn seat of a district synodtoday a deaconry, to which all the district's Catholic parishes belong.

Paderborn was raised to Archbishopric in ssinglepartys Moreover, owing to a great number of Turkish and Arab migrants in Singleparrtys, the Muslim ainglepartys is also very much in evidence there and lindau singles are several mosques in Siegen run by Turkish, Arab and Albanian communities.

There are said to be more xiegen 15, Muslims out of Siegen's total population. InSiegen had 20, inhabitants. Bysinglepartyx figure had doubled to 40, The population had fallen to 28, by and only in did it once again reach prewar levels.

On 1 JanuarySiegen's population surpassedthrough the amalgamation of Hüttental 38, inhabitants in and Eiserfeld 22, inhabitants inmaking it a city. Withinhabitants it also at the same time reached its all-time highest population.

The following chart shows population figures read more Siegen's municipal area, however big it was at each given time. The given figures indicate from the "population present in the town" Ortsanwesende Bevölkerungfrom the "dwelling population" Wohnbevölkerungand since the "Population in the place of main residence" Bevölkerung am Ort der Hauptwohnung.

Beforepopulation figures come from irregular surveying procedures. The city council's 62 seats are apportioned thus, in accordance with municipal elections held on 26 September Note: UWG is a citizens' coalition.

STATT is a small party that claims to be "non-ideological". Its name is German for "instead". None of the parties represented on siegwn council holds a majority, and no coalition has been struck.

However, the CDU and the FDP have a fixed, contractual coöperation agreement and singlpartys least singlepartys siegen at their disposal a joint majority voice on some committees. Click the following article the council chamber, on the other hand, their 30 seats are skegen an absolute majority and they do not always prevail. At the city's helm since the 13th century, there have been several mayors of whom evidence survives.

In anda council "consules" was mentioned for the first time. As early ashowever, documents mention Burgmänner "Castle Men" as well as three Bürgermeister "Mayors" who were changed yearly. As ofonly two mayors were visit web page every year.

In the 18th century, the guilds singelpartys achieving ever greater influence in the town. Thereafter the "ruling" or "office-holding" old shoemaking master represented the "common townsfolk" on the council. The mediaeval town charter was kept right up untiland parts of it even held untilbut that year there was a self-endorsing council with 12 members, over which presided the singlepartys siegen.

As ofthe suburbs got their own chief administrator who was subordinate to the mayor of Siegen. Inthe Prussian municipal system was introduced. After the town was separated from Siegen district inthe mayor was given the title Oberbürgermeister roughly equivalent to Lord Mayor.

The mayor who came to office in kept his position right through the time of the This web page Reichwhereas some mayors in other German and Austrian towns, whose political views were at odds with singlepartys siegen Nazis ', singlepartys siegen removed forcibly.

After the Second World War, the military government of the British Zone of Occupation installed a new mayor, and in it introduced a new town charter based on a British model, leading to a "Council of the town" sinlgepartys by the people, whose members were called Stadtverordnete town councillors.

In the beginning, the council chose one from its midst as the mayor as the town's head and representative, which was an honorary function. Singlepartys siegen, as ofthe council also began choosing a full-time Oberstadtdirektoror Higher Town Director, to lead the town's administration. After Singleparhys was reunited with the district of the same name singleparysthese two officials bore the titles Bürgermeister and Stadtdirektor respectively.

Inthis two-headed singkepartys was forsaken in favour of a singleepartys city leader, with the title Bürgermeisterwho serves as chairman or chairwoman of city council, leader of city administration and city representative. He or she is directly elected nowadays. Siegen's singlepartys siegen coat of arms might be described thus: Argent a town siege embattled gules with an here gateway argent, therein in an inescutcheon azure a lion rampant Or armed and langued gules, issuant from the wall a bishop in robe and mitre azure trimmed xinglepartys argent holding in his hand dexter a crozier argent with crook Or sinister, in his singlepadtys sinister, upraised, an open book argent with pages edged gules.

The bishop in the city's arms is the Bishop of Cologne. The wall symbolizes the city itself, and the inescutcheon in the gateway shows singlepartys siegen Lion of Nassau in blue and gold or yellowwhich are Nassau's colours.

The arms are based on the oldest known town seal, from The inescutcheon once also had gold billets upright rectangles around the lion, but these do not appear in what became the town's and later city's coat of arms in In the Apollo-Theater a downtown former s cinema that underwent remodelling and opened in midSinglepartyd has one of the current decade's most important newly built theatres.