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Zschoppau article Jason. I always loved the Kompressor BMW's but those supercharged Deeks make them look like simple mecano set!

Makes for a fascinating "what if" premise. Also good to have you back posting. This has to be my favourite motorcycle site check this out the net.

Keep up the good sigles One of the most here interesting articles on motorcycle history I link ever read. Thank you! Thank you for your great history. I don't really understand the split piston, but the rest of it is great!

I especially appreciated the opposed piston supercharged 2 stroke gasoline motorcycle engine. I thought the opposed pistons were found only on aircraft engines until Singles zschopau after WW2. Those germans! I believe there is a future zschopqu 2 stroke supercharged engines when using direct fuel injection. With supercharging the intake mixture can bypass the crankcase. The lubrication stays in the crankcase while the supercharged air flushes the cylinder, afterburning exhaust gases and with fuel injection it is possible to adjust precise amounts of singles zschopau at the right moment, i,e.

High power to weight ratios are possible at lower cost than with a 4 stroke engine. I agree with anonymous. The output potential from a supercharged opposed piston engine with a degree phase lag is very high. Add in direct injection to prevent any possible overscavenging, and its fuel conunption should continue reading very good for its power output.

Now, if only it were possible to reduce oil burning caused by oil leaking past the cylinder ports, this would be a real winner. I understand that Achates power is working on this problem. I really hope they are successful. This DKW opposite piston system was reused in the 70's by french bike builder Motobecane in 99z model, a 50cc with a load of torque.

I know you have spent an immense amount of time on this and it is appreciated. I knew a very small part of the story, but this clears up a lot. I am a 2 stroke kind of fool and it would have really been great to have been part of this history. It is a shame how the folks that really know the story are gone and the rest don't care.

Thank You! As a follower of the MZ racers in the 50's and 60's with Walter Kaarden's singles zschopau work under trying circumstances, it is interesting to note the various key components that the pre-war DKW's experimenters tried. Disk and reed valves and rear facing exhausts. The story about being able to hear the 'Deeks' from mainland UK may well be true: In the early s quite a few people claimed that you could hear them racing at the TT from Blackpool in the years before WW2.

Both my mum's parents and my dad independently zsdhopau me that indeed they could be heard in the quieter areas of the coastal towns of Blackpool and Cleveleys. They weren't motorcycle fans so maybe not an urban myth? Great website Very informative article. I have since learned they simply productionised many existing ideas. Not sure if disc valves were their idea. Hackneyed though it may be, click to see more is a great deal of truth in that old platitude.

Be it in politics or in motorsports, odds are the story you know is the one that has been informed by the success of those who came out ahead. In the case of DKW and their series of once-dominant supercharged sihgles, the company's successes have been drowned out by the tides of history. Labels: 2 strokeaudiauto uniondkwewald klugeexotics ssingles raritiesgermansingles zschopauhistorically significant bikesisle of manladepumpenazinskkracingsplit isnglessssuperchargedtttwingletwo stroke.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe click to see more Post Comments Atom. Des Knaben Wunsch 18cc stationary engine circa Image Source. Das Kleine Wunder cc auxiliary motor Image Source. Bekamo Ladepumpe single Image Source. Bekamo single Image Source. ORe engine Image Source. SS Ladepumpe engine Image Source. ULd Image Source. URe Image Source. US Image Source. UL Sidecar Image Source. SS Image Source. DKW supercharged engine layouts: 1.

URe 2. ULd 3. SS and URe 4. SS 5. Kurt Bang's opposed-piston prototype Image Source.