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Überlingen is a German city on the northern shore of Lake Constance Bodensee near the border with Switzerland. After the city of Friedrichshafenit is the second largest city in the Bodenseekreis districtand a central point for the outlying communities.

The history of Überlingen dates back to Roman times, but a variety of settlements pre-dated Roman occupation. Stone age settlements, discovered along the shoreline of Lake Constance, document that the lake supported several dozen thriving communities of 50— individuals. These settlements fall under the category of the Hallstatt cultureand their habits, dress, and diet has been illuminated through the excavation of archaeological sites, such as a major site in HallstadtAustria, excavated in the mid-to late 19th century.

Similar sites, although smaller, have been found in vicinity of Überlingen: a site near Hödingen, another near Dettingen, by Constance, and a major site near the village of Unteruhldingenwhere there is now an open air archaeological museum. The dead were either burned, or buried in mounds or flat graves; women wore jewelry made of bronze or gold, especially earrings. Tools uncovered in archeological excavation suggest that these communities engaged in a combination of hunting, fishing and agriculture.

According to some interpretations of the Roman records, one of the Verliebt bekanntschaft islands, probably Mainau was the operations base for the military operations in the year 15 BCE. The necessities of troop transport and article source building and maintenance required the Romans to possess the entire Swiss shore of the lake, and from these points along the lake, the Romans could mount a double-pointed excursion to the eastern Tyrol and present-day Bavariaor to the West, in the Rhine valley.

Partnersuche kostenlos ch Bodensee region, as a Roman province administered from Augusta Vindelicorumpresent day Augsburgwas governed by a Finance official Procurator under Tiberius's command. Evidence of conflicts between the Romans, their power waning, and the Allemanic and other Germanic groups, their power rising, appears throughout the region. New settlements appeared on top of burned settlements and old villages and farmsteads reclaimed first by forests and meadows and then again reclaimed by men.

As the Romans withdrew more and more of their forces, to concentrate on the western boundaries or to focus on the conquest defense of Iberia, Franks, particularly Clodwig, or Clovisand Goths, particularly Theodorich contested for control of the region.

Throughout this period, Allemanic dukes maintained their primary seat in Überlingen. The Alemannic Überlingen was first mentioned in as Iburinga. Before that, it was probably known as Gunzoburgthe seat of the Alemannic or Swabian duke Gunzo. The probable seems dating cafe neuss not of Gunzo's villa has singletreff uberlingen identified in the northwestern quadrant of the city, just outside the present day inner moat.

The Allemanic dukes were well connected to other families throughout Europe; the first wife of CharlemagneHildegard, came from the family of Linzgau counts, whose seat in Buchhorn present-day Friedrichshafen bordered the lake. Louis the Pious and Louis the German both married women from the Allemmanic Welfen families.

In the 10th century, the Linzgau fell to an invasion of the Hungarians, and ongoing battles with the Hungarians nearly brought the families of the region to ruin. The Investiture Controversy of the 11th-century brought further conflict.

Villages read more properties in the possession of one side of the conflict would be besieged and destroyed members of the other party, in gruesome battle after gruesome battle, but by the end of the 11th century, and the first half of the 12th, the Hohenstaufen emperors stabilized the Holy Roman Empire.

The family came from the region and Swabia, the Linzgau, and the Bodensee region became the middle point of the Empire. This is also the beginning of Überlingen's period of blossoming. Many of the documents from the period have been lost, possibly in the city fire inbut a singletreff uberlingen deal can be extrapolated. The exact date in which the city received its market rights singletreff uberlingen ambiguous, but it was probably between and ; maps showing the trading road from Stockach to Buchhorn show the city of Überlingen in comparable size and type; by Überlingen had a Jewish cemetery, and these clues lead to the conclusion that the city had a market for a much longer period than this, thus the supposition that the Emperor Barbarossa had established the market at the end of his own regime.

He had been in the region several times:,to hold court sessions, and in he stayed in Wallhausen, across the lake, to sign the documents establishing the Cloister of Salem. At the end of the 14th century the city was granted status as a free imperial city.

The city flourished in the 13th to 16th centuries mainly due to widespread grapevine cultivation on the south-facing slopes of the Lake Constance and its salubrious climate, which gave rise to a profitable spital hospital industry.

The city's affluence encouraged the construction of an impressive religious building: the St Nikolaus Munster in the late 15th century; [13] a City Hall in the late 15th century; [14] and impressive residences for the family of the spital doctors. As a fortified bridgehead, the city proved vital to the reduction of the German Peasants' War in When Georg Truchsess von Waldburg 's soldiers rose against him during the war, and besieged Radolfzellthe Burgermeister of Überlingen led a small force to free the nearby town; they returned with prisoners, all of whom were executed in a single day by the city's executioner.

As a result of this assistance, Überlingen was granted the right to quarter a shield with a drawn sword, the Habsburg hawk, and the imperial eagle. In the Thirty Years Warthe city was invested and besieged by Swedish soldiers and their Saxon allies in and ; despite lengthy and grueling siege, the city defenses held. Even when the walls were breached in Maythe population was able to resist in street to street, and house-to-house fighting, until the invaders withdrew.

This seemingly miraculous occasion was attributed to the intervention of the Virgin Mary, and every year the citizens of Überlingen hold a so-called Sweden Procession. As a result of the truce ending outright hostilities, Swedish and French troops occupied the region in — With the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss inÜberlingen lost its status as a Free Imperial city, and its single party 2013 bremen, economic and political autonomy.

As part of the German Mediatisation process, through which several of the German dynasties that lost lands and subjects on the west bank of the Rhine were compensated singletreff uberlingen other territories and populations, Überlingen became a part of singletreff uberlingen duchy of Baden, later the Grand Duchy of Baden.

Through 13 Organizations Edicts, the Duchy of Baden administration reorganized formerly free territories into a new singletreff uberlingen organization. For Überlingen, this meant the restructuring of the entire apparatus of administration and governance. Organization edicts deconstructed Überlingen's consular system of mayors, in which two men were elected to the office for one year, the first serving until immediately after Christmas, and the second from then until the new election in the spring.

The once free imperial city became the reiche sucht seat for the district Bezirksamt. Despite the relative importance of please click for source position of administrative authority, the city entered a nearly century-long economic decline, exacerbated in the first decade of ducal authority by the Year without Summera consequence of the Tambora volcanic eruption inwhich had a VEI—7 index.

In the revolutionary period, —, Überlingen experienced its share of turmoil. Überlingen's own militia apparently enjoyed an early occupation of the wine cellars at the former Salem Abbey which, after became a ducal palace and winery; but revolutionary activity extended more deeply into the social fabric. In early JulyPrussian and Bavarian troops invaded the Bodensee region, and imposed a form of military rule; several important personages, including the Überlingen's physician and one of its schoolteachers, drew lengthy prison sentences for their revolutionary activity, nine months and a year, respectively.

One of the former abbeys served as a singletreff uberlingen for revolutionary convicts. The healing properties sucht leipzig ihn sie the city's mineral waters, which sprang from a source under one of the towers on the western side of the city wall, had been understood since the early 16th century, and produced a regular source of income for the city and the spital ; during the Singletreff uberlingen Years' War the spring had been covered over; singletreff uberlingen remained covered in the post-war period and then was largely forgotten.

It was fortuitously "rediscovered" during Überlingen's difficult times. A spa hotel was constructed and the notables started to arrive: Heinrich Zschokke —Ludwig Uhlandthe poet —Gustav Schwab — and the Germanist Franz Pfeiffer — were regular visitors.

The economic problems were in large part due to the difficulties of transportation. Although the first coal powered steam ship, the Hohentwiel named for the impregnable castle on the dormant volcano Hohentwiel by Singenplease click for source by Joseph Cottahad traversed the Lake in[ citation needed ] it was not until read more, with the construction of a railway link to Überlingen, that the city emerged from its economic difficulties as a spa city.

Inthe link was connected through Friedrichshafen, making travel to and from the city easier and quicker, and improving the city's prospects as a spa city. The link to Friedrichshafen completed the laying of tracks around the lake. Once the rail line was completed, it became feasible to market the city as a spa resort. The peaceful life in Überlingen was interrupted by the war inwhen of its sons died, and 20 were missing in action. For some, "the Revolution in the year check this out as a peaceful relief," [25] but from —23, inflation overran the city, and many of the pensioners living there fell on hard times.

The underground facility, established in natural caves and tunnels, protected the plant from Allied bombing runs. On 22 FebruaryÜberlingen experienced its only bombing raid, possibly attracted by the presence of the Dachau sub-camp.

In this raid, part of Operation Clarionseven medium-range B—26 Martin Marauders of the US th Air Expeditionary Wing dropped 56 read more bombs, 7 of them with delay this web page, on the city's rail yards.

The bombs destroyed six residential buildings, and severely damaged 17 others; 38 buildings were slightly damaged. Troops of the French army arrived 25 Apriland collected all the arms, munitions and weaponry in the city, to be stored in one of the former guild houses built in the 15th century.

On the night of 2 May of the year, a fire destroyed the building and the western side of the market square. The fire is thought to have been started by a careless French sentry.

Fromthe German-Jewish composer Walter Braunfels avoided Nazi persecution by living in near-anonymity in Überlingen. There he composed music including three large-scale stage works and made a living teaching music to the local children during the course of the Second World War. By the s, Überlingen had established itself as a premier tourist destination on Lake Bodensee, particularly for those interested in the health cure. Inthe city and its collaborators, Deisendorf and Lippertsreute, won the gold medal in the competition, Our City Blooms Unsere Stadt blüht auf.

Uberlingen has also joined the Cittaslow movement to protect itself from over development. In the city banned GMOs and pesticides. Seventy one people singletreff uberlingen in the accident, including all the children, their chaperones, and the pilot and co-pilot of the Boeing cargo plane. Less than two years later, on 26 FebruaryPeter Nielsen, the air traffic controller on duty at the time of the accident, was stabbed to death singletreff uberlingen an architect, Vitaly Kaloyev[36] who had lost his wife and two children in singletreff uberlingen accident.

Nielsen was 36 singletreff uberlingen old. On 19 Maythe German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation BFU published its determination that the accident had been caused by shortcomings in the Swiss air traffic control system supervising the flights at the time of the accident and by ambiguities in the use of TCASthe on-board aircraft collision avoidance system. Überlingen is located on the so-called Überlinger Lake portion of Lake Constancean important watersource for southwestern Germany.

The countryside is a hilly moraine, formed in the last Ice Age. The city is kilometres 64 miles from Zürich Switzerlandapproximate 1. The following singletreff uberlingen and communities border the city of Überlingen. The city exercises legal jurisdiction over the neighboring communities of Owingen and Sipplingen. Besides central Überlingen the Kernstadtthe town of Überlingen consists of several villages singletreff uberlingen neighborhoods.

Throughout Baden-Württemberg, in the second half of the twentieth century, many old farmsteads were developed into neighborhoods. Some of them retained the names of old villages or large farmsteads. Administrative reorganizations consolidated many of these tiny communities into municipalities and administrative districts.

The unified townships are today, in the sense that they have their own elections for municipal governments, with a municipal administrator. The Münster St. Nikolaus is the largest late Gothic building in the region and is a city landmark, as click as an emblem of Überlingen. The church has a large wooden altar carved by Jörg Zürn in singletreff uberlingen late Renaissance.

On a pier in the inner altar is a figure of Jakob with his staff and scallop shell. On a wider pier is a cannonball from the siege by Swedish troops and their allies; it visit web page the inscription loosely translated : "Swedish Click at this page Marshal HOX would subdue Go here, [his Swedish troops] attempted and lost three stormings [of the city], and afterward he must yield.

Maria Holy Maria this is your Victory sign". The cannonball was fired into the city and lodged in the main beam of the Hosanna bell tower. The Sylvester Chapel in the city quarter of Goldbach is the oldest church building in the Lake Constance region, and contains frescoes of the Reichenauer School from the 9th century. The City Hall was erected during the Renaissance period. The singleborse raum illustrate the hierarchy of the imperial estates, from princes to peasants, arranged into groups of four - the so-called "Imperial quaternions".

The decorative programme offers an impression of the power structure in the time of its installation — The Granary served as the center of Überlingen's once great grain trade and, since its complete renovation insingletreff uberlingen one of the most visually appealing cultural monuments of the city.

Between the landing place and the market place, directly on the shore of the lake, the classic structure of the merchant and grain house can be seen from Mainau.